Flaga Polski

Dear Sirs

We would like to present you our firm’s offer.We produce decorative elements for the interior, gardens and elevations. Our products include:

The technology we apply and production materials reveal a high level of resistance to abrasion, mechanical damage and the weather conditions. Thanks to that, our products can be used both in the interior (bathrooms, living rooms, etc.) and outside (pools, elevations, terraces, etc.). The best of sculptural and architectural traditions are present in our process of designing new patterns as the significant part of our production is to create objects that are exquisite and at the same time useful. To achieve it, we regularly co-operate with sculptors and architects who share their knowledge and skills with us. This co-operation results in a stylistically variety of products: ancient columns or modern pilasters. Moreover, we are ready to produce the designs ordered by our clients. There exists an unlimited variety of colours for our products.

Using our products in architectural arrangements makes the close surrounding elegant, comfortable, man-friendly, whereas the interior of the bathroom, the dining room or the living room will gain glamour and will resemble works of art.

Our products are not made of gypsum !!!

Yours sincerely.

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